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  • Improved support for PDF, Word, and Excel documents
  • Improved playback support for MP3 files
  • Updated integrated video player
  • Infrastructure improvements to hosting platform
  • Improved support of special characters and non-English characters
  • Added notification option at first student login
  • Revised student exam summary to provide additional feedback on student answer choices


  • Improved management of administrative/staff users
  • Improved management of permissions for administrative/staff users
  • Fixed issue preventing simultaneous administrator and student login on the same computer
  • Added student bookmark feature
  • Added course style sheets for default font and font size settings on content pages and exams
  • Added reporting of clock hours by chapter for student completed chapters
  • Improved student searching by enrollment date and course expiration date
  • Added additional options for staff to easily select a PDF or electronic affidavit form as part of the course requirements
  • Added student feedback form on logout page to provide students with an easy way to notify school or support staff of content and/or technical support questions
  • Added media browser to content editor for easy preview of course video and image files

December, 2009

  • Added the ability to have the course clock track the "equivalent seat time" that a student must clock in order to complete a class
  • Introduced a coupon/discount code feature in the LectLearn-provided course registration system

November, 2009

  • Added a detailed student progress report that displays the exact time a student spends on each course content and exam page

October, 2009

  • Added quick edit function to quickly find and edit course content and exam questions
  • Improved help items and screen layouts related to course settings that apply to affiliate organizations
  • Minimized LectLearn branding on student screens to reinforce branding of the licensing organization
  • Added administrative search function to quickly locate course content and exam question text

September, 2009

  • Added the capability to quickly copy course content and exam questions between chapters and courses

August, 2009

  • Improved student enrollment screen to ease course registration and better track student course status

July, 2009

  • Added additional exam capabilities for greater exam flexibility within courses
  • Improved Course Community feature to allow moderated student content
  • Added sponsor/advertising capabilities to allow organizations to generate revenue through banner advertising within courses
  • Revised affidavit requirement to be an optional student requirement for each organization and affiliate
  • Updated student course homepage to reflect additional exam and affidavit options

June, 2008

  • New affidavit options for PDF and linked affidavits
  • Student tracking of affidavit view/link clicks

May, 2009

  • Added additional student course evaluation options and the ability to use 3rd party online survey tools for student course evaluations
  • Added certificate display options that can be specified for each course and affiliate organization

April, 2009

  • Added additional video capabilities for course content and exam questions
  • Database performance enhancements for courses with large amounts of content

March, 2009

  • Enhanced management capabilities for organizations managing LectLearn affiliates
  • Added additional branding options for affiliate organizations

February, 2009

  • Improved process for organizations using PayPal to accept course registrations
  • Added support for NRDS eCommerce to accept course registrations

January, 2009

  • Exam-prep style course option added
  • Enhanced course homepage and course outline pages
  • Enhanced “Previous” and “Next” links on course pages
  • Automatic Images and Glossary Terms feature now available for exam questions
  • New “Course Orientation” feature
  • Improved Help & Support Page for students

December, 2008

  • Upgraded server hardware for improved performance
  • 1031 Tax-Free Exchange course added to LectLearn course offering

November, 2008

  • Improved content and exam editor toolbar with additional buttons
  • Added course interaction features to enable pop-quizzes, short answer responses, and surveys within course content
  • Improved ability for organizations to review course content that has been licensed from other organizations using LectLearn

October, 2009

  • Improved "Automatic Images" feature to assist in quickly inserting images into course content
  • Improved glossary term links to better highlight links and match content text

September, 2008

  • Added ability for optional exam requirements
  • Revised student course homepage to automatically generate exact course requirements based on course settings

August, 2008

  • Enhanced administrative management of course community

July, 2008

  • Improved student exam summary page

June, 2008

  • Enhanced student profiles in the course community
  • Enhanced student course homepage for automated processing of completion information
  • Improved help & support features for administrative staff

May, 2008

  • Improved student search function to search by course status
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